The focus of the Cita Kara Journal is to publish articles from students and lecturers dedicated to all aspects of the paradigm of creation and study including the exploration of knowledge and skills of fine arts. Articles in the form of results of creation, research, conceptual ideas, studies, theories, etc. which prioritize materials, concepts, methodologies, and approaches that are extracted from cultural roots in accordance with the vision and mission of the Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar. The scope of the journal consists of various pure arts topics, both concerning the results of thoughts / reviews, research results (paper or full paper, shot communication, rapid /preliminary), reviews and obituaries.

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): Oktober

Published: 2023-10-30

Creative Innovation of Multifunctional Painted Shawl

Apriliana Putri Khairun Nisa, Tjokorda Udiana Nindhia Pemayun, Luh Budiaprilliana


Shoes Combine Painting and Patchwork Endek as A Business Opportunity

Ni Gusti Ayu Arum Abdini, I Wayan Gunawan, Sri Supriyatini


Handmade Painting on an Oversized T-shirt with Balinese Motif Ornaments at the Agung Bali Collection

Fachri Permana Putra, I Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta, Sri Supriyatini


Figures of Classic Kamasan Painting as Inspiration for the Creation of Modern Painting

Haris Candra Neode, I Gede Yosef Tjokropramono, I Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta


Facial Expressions According to Tones on Jegog Leaf Blade as A Source of Installation Art Works Creation

I Ketut Deni Indrawan, I Ketut Mustika, Tjokorda Udiana Nindhia Pemayun


Barong Landung as Inspiration for the Creation of Painting Works

I Made Adi Putra Prayoga, I Wayan Kondra, I Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta


Sang Hyang Semara Ratih as The Creation of Painting

I Dewa Gede Wisnu Jaya Ninggrat, I Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta, I Wayan Kondra


Sanghyang Sampat Dance in Puluk - Puluk Village as an Idea for Creating Painting Works

I Gede Agus Adnyana Putra, Sri Supriyatini, I Gede Yosef Tjokropramono


Endek Collaboration Unisex Top Clothes Design and Painting on Plain Fabrics

Nur Warninda Dewi, Sri Supriyatini, I Wayan Sujana


Revitalization of Kali Unda Tourism Objects

Muhammad Rafli Ramdhani Nataprawira, I Made Bendi Yudha, I Wayan Gulendra


Tampiog Dance Tradition as a Source of Inspiration for Painting Works

I Wayan Wirta Yana, I Wayan Kondra, I Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta


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