The focus of the Cita Kara Journal is to publish articles from students and lecturers dedicated to all aspects of the paradigm of creation and study including the exploration of knowledge and skills of fine arts. Articles in the form of results of creation, research, conceptual ideas, studies, theories, etc. which prioritize materials, concepts, methodologies, and approaches that are extracted from cultural roots in accordance with the vision and mission of the Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar. The scope of the journal consists of various pure arts topics, both concerning the results of thoughts / reviews, research results (paper or full paper, shot communication, rapid /preliminary), reviews and obituaries.

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): April

Published: 2022-04-19

Life Cycle Of Butterfly As The Inspiration Of Sculpture

I Wayan Widi Apriana, I Made Jodog , I Ketut Mustika


Champak's Representation In Balinese People's Life As Inspiration For Painting Creation

Ida Bagus Rekha Bayutha , D.A. Tirta Ray , I Nengah Wirakesuma


Zodiac as Expression in the Creation of Paintings

Renata Ayu Kristina, I Wayan Setem, Ni Made Purnami Utami


Abstraction of Dog Movement in the Creation of Sculpture

I Nengah Artha Adi Wijaya, Tjokorda Udiana Nindhia Pemayun, Gede Yosef Tjokropramono


Exploration of FSRD-ISI Denpasar Garden In Installation Art

I Gusti Kade Dwi Kartika, I Wayan Karja, I Wayan Mudana


The Concept Of Placing Sarad Pulagembal Cake Of Painting Art

I Made Adi Udyana, I Ketut Muka, Made Ruta


Rerajahan As A Source Of Inspiration For The Creation Of Painting Art

I Made Arsad Tri Gunawan, I Nengah Wirakesuma , I Wayan Setem


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