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Cokorda Istri Puspawati Nindhia
Ida Ayu Dwita Krisna Ari


Photography is no longer present only in the form of objective recording of an event, in the current development of photography into a postmodern identity, a wedding will not be complete without a pre-wedding photo. The beauty of photographic objects becomes a shot of art in the art of photography. However, the reality recorded in photography can have two meanings. There is a meaning of falsehood, because for some people it is not a figure they usually see because they are decorated and stylish which is sometimes out of the ordinary. However, there is also the meaning of truth, because for some other people see that the figure is the real person. Because they only see someone in the photo media on the basis of certain interests, such as pre-wedding photos The classic Balinese style of 1930 Bali is becoming a current trend that is starting to be liked by the public. This style is like a diversion of people's boredom with the commodification of modern Balinese clothing that seems excessive and uses a background of splendor. The reconstruction of Balinese culture in the 1930s from the colonial era in the photos contained which can change our view of the actual situation so that it will create ambiguity in the future will certainly challenge the concept of early photography as a medium for documenting reality. The use of photos no longer reflects the reality as it is, but is influenced by the situation of the camera user or the subject of the photo. the beginning of the birth of photography as a tool to show authentic and objective data in the form of image documents to find out the truth of a condition along with the development of photography technology is no longer able to position itself as a means of proving a truth but, only shifts away to seek profit in professional circles and as part of lifestyle attributes to increase the degree of social differentiation in the eyes of society.


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